Save time and money in your kitchens with unfakeable temperatures, recording of cleaning tasks, and seamlessly increased compliance

Eliminate food safety hazards & reduce exposure.

Get your kitchen audit ready with the FoodSafe system.

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce stress
  • No falsified records
  • Get 5 star ratings

Track activity

Track activity of kitchens and staff members, know where they are and what task they’re working on.

Real-time accurate temperature monitoring

Using our Bluetooth probe and FoodSafe app you can complete and track food temperature checks throughout the day.

Live updates & notifications

Keep an eye on your business with live updates as kitchens and staff move through there day, and receive notifications for any non-conformance.

Detailed reporting & analytics

The FoodSafe app provides comprehensive reports based on the history of every activity recorded. Managers can access all the information with our easy to use report area.

No manual recording

Get work done fast, accurately and efficiently without going through the hassle of recording everything manually.

Task management & user accountability

Be able to issue tasks on-the-go to streamline communication and empower your staff with the responsibility of signing off their completed tasks as they move through the day.

Eliminate hazards, minimize risk.

FoodSafe provides busy food and beverage outlets with real­-time verification that their food and drinks are within safe temperature ranges, using wireless technology. Reduce manual workload and receive instant notifications and alerts on your phone, tablet or computer – anywhere in the world.

Reasons to love FoodSafe

The complete FoodSafe system improves your food safety and assigns your staff daily duties to comply with HACCP regulations, eliminating hazards and minimising risk.